Timeline Rebalancing, change Preception * change your Life.

 Timeline ReBalancing Sessions 

Heal from the inside out with  timeline rebalancing, all the difficulties in your  life occur from seeds of thought and these thought preceptions are informed by unconscious feelings, fears and faulty collective emotion. Through the process of timeline rebalancing you gain the power to clear these destructive unconscious thoughts and patterns from your life.  Once unconscious emotional experience is exposed to conscious awareness you gain the insight and understanding  to act rather than react.

In Timeline Rebalancing sessions we will work one on one, this work requires your physical presence, either you will come to the dome or I will come to your location if possible. It is recommended that you commit to a series of these sessions as the work is progressive.  Timeline Rebalancing is a powerful modality which effects dramatic and permanent change in your life.

Your consciousness is affected by all that you have ever been or will become, often the things that you create in your life are inspired by past life  emotional experience that you have not owned to wisdom. Our souls are like a great recorded book that informs every thing about us from the cell division of your body selecting DNA, to the emotional propensities and attitudes that you express from birth.  At the beginning of the session we will explore the issues and patterns of dysfunction that hinder your life and by psychically honing in we will target the source life time.  Affecting change at the source experience is what makes timeline rebalancing so effective.  Change ripples down the timeline effecting all successive lives and will profoundly change your life in the now.  Powerful, permanent, enlightening, undertaking this work can move mountains in a very short time span.


Going within!

Once we have targeted where to go on the time line, the session process continues with breath work.  It is my job to create a safe, sacred space and to act as your guide, leading you inward letting spirit guide you to the object of your intent.  You will not be hypnotized and though you will be taken on a journey you will remain conscious as an observer the entire time.  There is no dramatic physical activity though the work does involve  emotional release.  I am guided from the source of my being working with the source of your being to release that which has been holding you back, altering perception to achieve your highest good. Contact me to discuss this work further and  book your session.

Individual sessions $180.00, a series of 8 sessions (recommended) is $1200.00 

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