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Years ago a friend was in Ontario assisting her high school friend who was dying of cancer,  she was having pain in her legs that was unrelated to her disease and Nikki asked me to do a listening.  The Angels answered and the reading spoke of unresolved issues with her mother, this gave Lynn a chance to resolve these issues and it also resolved the pain.   The Angels themselves identify who will answer and dictate the response or you can choose the Angel you wish to communicate with.  I have answered questions for people I have never met and whom I know little about yet their listening always touches them deeply and often brings them to tears.  Tears of joy or tears of awareness through recognition of the truth, always deeper insight and direction is received.

Do you have a pressing question, need direction as to where to turn or what is behind various events in your life…ask the Angels to receive their unique clarity and perspective. Readings often vary in length but not in the directness and purpose they translate.  I  listen and write until the Angel signs off, the words literally fly onto the page as fast as I can write and words keep coming  two or three at a time until the message is complete. Over the years I have seen the value and motivation angel readings have given to friends, family and colleagues so I am confident that their power and lucidity will touch and serve you.

Please email your question and contact information.  I may contact you to reformulate your question so that you receive the most in depth answer.  Read the listening below and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would simply like to know more. Wishing you a brilliant day.

In Love, Light and Laughter Cindy Lou Cetah



 Sample Listening 

In the name of Mother Father/ God Goddess all that Is!
In the name of Christ White Light

Archangel Micheal

Please speak to me of _______________  the cause of her dis-ease and that which will facilitate a cure.

Little sister of the light blessed be the one for whom you call . Long has been her journey to the light the light of understanding of beingness and of standing in her power, of this little one we can tell you that her journey has been one to vanquish tyranny and that the tyranny is of her own making. It is the essence of her being that is in conflict for part of her worships the creator and part of her holds fourth unspoken rage. Know you little sister your anger at God?  Think back to your days as a wee one, how often you railed at the nerve of his creation, how forgotten you felt to be placed in such a precarious position.

Slowly your anger changed to a plea for salvation, your commitment to your God thinly veils a desire to tell him exactly what you think. Vent this anger at creation, allow yourself to feel your vulnerability. and know this be not a mindless world.  You have your work and indeed create this life to see it to conclusion. It is only by truly feeling your state of helplessness that you can be empowered. Take long walks, commune with God, ask that you be shown the purpose of this journey. That you love deeply there is no doubt so to is there no doubt that long have you harboured a seething sense of blame. Blame not your God for misplacing you, for it is you who have misplaced your faith in God. The power to act in God comes through you, look thee where you yourself have stopped the flow.

Of a cure its secret lies deep within the psyche to unlock the joy that lies beneath this near innate sense of hopelessness. Deeper than the things of this world lies the spirits purpose and it is to that infinite well that you must turn to find the resource to turn back the army that marches against you at this time. Think thee of the messages you send the body what deep inner conflict has turned the very self against the self.

Beloved we honour thee and love thee, we hold you in the light of joy. Find deep within the joy that is the very essence of your being for to long has it lain dormant. Embrace with zeal that which causes you laughter. It may seem an onerous task to laugh in the face of such disaster yet truly it is the energy that turns the tide of bodies miladies.  Make your peace with God not through sacrifice but with an eye to true surrender to your purpose. See the future for yourself that you so richly deserve and hold to that vision with joy and jubilation. You are the law give,r what say you?

Regardless of outcomes you win for there is no losing in the realm of creation only change and transformation. You may feel that you are not ‘driving’ the car but know you sister truly your frequency of attitude drives and creates all things. See this not as a burden but as an opportunity, an opportunity to get naked before your God, to do a soulful accounting of your thoughts and then laugh at it all because you know you are sooo loved.

Surrender to truth beloved the deepest truth your heart self can offer up to your mind. Be in joy, laugh often, trust the process.  Vent your anger.  Be true to you.

In love and adoration.

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