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Welcome,  I invite you to become a member of My Angelic Insights community, this site is dedicated to interpreting world events in a profound and meaningful way. Uplift your spirit, let the angels infuse even the most dire events with their eternal compassion and understanding.
Access their extraordinary information: geophysical, financial, political unrest, war, bio warfare, and other world events.  You will love how it makes you feel as it puts your mind to rest and calls upon your heart to open.
As a member you will access an inspiring weekly listening and be able to read all site archives. The angels provide an unexpected perspective that brings not only greater awareness but also peace; the angels provide answers and solace when there appears to be none.   Rather then generating the fear and hopelessness of our modern news, the angels provide broad insights into world events and give tangible direction helping us all become part of the solution.


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    For those of you who have a burning question on a issue, I am now offering Angel Readings. I have been doing listenings for family and friends for 25 years and they implored me to offer this to others. I can help you formulate your question’s intent so you will receive the clearest answer. Your angel listening will help you cut through the confusion or grief you are experiencing and bring you to the heart of clarity.
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We have heard your call and we answer you in joy Archangel Gabriel

Welcome to My Angelic Insights, my name is Cetah Johnson and I invite you to become a member of this site.  The perspective of the Angels is unique to this realm and offers you solace and a deeper understanding of what is ‘really’ happening on the earth.  You will get the angelic take on earth changes, finance and world events.  Go to the Private readings page to sample what you receive when you book a personal listening.  More than anything I hope the information on this site makes your journey saner and more enjoyable. ‘To Life’

Many Blessings Cetah
My Angelic Insight is a site inspired by angels and their desire to share their luminous communication. I call them angels because that is what they call themselves. As they said to me when I asked if I could use another name,

“We were called Angels long before you had religion”.
This site is dedicated to sharing the information they wish to impart in these fast changing times. I ask the questions and the angels dictate the answers. What I love about angel listening is many fold; suffice it to say their answers frequently surprise and always infuse a new and deeper meaning into world events.Become a member of the Angelic Insights community, a place for people who want to understand the deeper meaning of life’s events and glean perspective on the nature of change that is affecting our human family. The angels speak to the heart of change, bringing their unique and wondrous outlook to the energetic impetus behind such things as earthquakes, wars, economic trends and human values. True to both our history/herstory, the angels have a knack for connecting the dots, making sense of and offering practical insight on how best to navigate our lives toward fulfillment.
I have been an angel listener since 1986 and have forged a strong bond with these unseen beings.
I am very intentional with my questions and steadfast in my protocol, producing clean authentic writing. The angels have a voice all of their own. Even when events are dire their words of encouragement and wisdom are uplifting.
I encourage you to become a member of the site. I also offer personal Angel Readings.
If your heart is too confused to answer… ask the angels. My desire is to be of service to the light in you  as we awaken to a greater understanding of who we truly are.
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