Karmic Clearing

Sound heals!

Karmic Sessions are available once your Auric Clearing has cleansed the field of your light body and opened the channels for energy flow between the seals.(Chakras)   We are immortal souls and all time is recorded, like a CD, all lifetimes exist in the eternal now. In your conscious mind you are playing the story of you, but in the subconscious mind all that you have ever been plays on and is vying for your attention.

Each of us has left in our past unfinished emotional experiences, we are here to bring those experiences to wisdom. The propensities and challenges that show up in our lives are sign posts pointing us toward what must be healed.  The work we do in your Auric Clearing will give us a good indication of what you are here to vanquish in this lifetime.  Like the voices in your head that disappeared after your Auric Clearing, the unsettled feelings in your soul, the problems in your life can be brought to the light of understanding with a Karmic Session.  Once your awareness is focused by your report, that which has been subconscious becomes conscious and you regain the power to choose how you feel and what you create.  Change your thoughts – change your life.

Karmic sessions take one to two hours and cost $125.00; the freedom you will experience as a result… priceless. The solutions you seek are not out there, they are within you… you are the source, the key to your own redemption, joy, happiness and bliss.

“Cindy is a phenomenal distance healer. She took my class in 2000, and has expanded SoulWisdom’s methodology to her own brilliance, uniqueness, and remarkable genius. I’ve recently had a few sessions done by her, and it’s the smartest decision I ever made. She’s no ‘healie-feelie’! Her Work is all-clean, all the way to quantum-code of the Subconscious Mind, where true Shifts actually occur — ‘made real’ in manifested reality — as the sessions integrate.  A Seer and a Coach, she’ll give you some spiritual homework to do as well. Every session is different, according to Your HolySpirit. I am very proud of her adeptness and it is an honor to me, to even train her or to even know her at all.  She deserves to be called a ‘True Spiritual Celebrity’  Don’t miss out on her sessions!” — Carol Hathor, founder of SoulWisdom Energy Healing

Read this testimonial from Keith Leon – “I was crying in the kitchen this morning in complete JOY….as I have never FELT such a difference from any energy work, prayer or anything like that. I have NO fear of the unknown or death anymore. I have this completely neutral feeling about it. I have NEVER experienced this in this body…complete freedom to LIVE my life. Thank you so much. Idon’t even know what you did yet, but I feel the difference.” 

Sent the morning after his Karmic session before he even got the report.


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