Spirtitual Perception

budha head Perception dictates our health and how we create our lives, our attitude dictates the quality of our experience.  Are we  here to follow familial patterns, victims of our DNA , wearing the skin of our unfinished business?  The spiritual journey is the rediscovery of our authentic selves, recognizing how our families point the way to the things we need to conquer in ourselves.

The key perception needed to unravel the journey of the self is the willingness to take responsibility for all choices.   Awakening to self empowerment, drawing your energy back, giving up blame and victimization.  To perceive ourselves as the masters of our reality, to begin to understand that there is a deeper meaning and purpose for everything that manifests in our lives.  Indeed that the way we think actually creates the circumstances of our lives.  Bruce Lipton’s video ‘The Biology of Belief’ is a great scientific introduction to this concept.

As a ‘Soul Wisdom” practitioner I have been privy to the amazing connectivity of lifetimes and how the energetic impetus of our souls journey dictates our now moments.  We in christian cultures have been programmed to a ‘one’  lifetime paradigm, however as we advance in the realms of quantum physics scientists are now postulating parallel realities and the simultaneity of time.  Indeed it has been theorized that the interference lines of past and future selves is what actually enables our  ‘now’.  My focus as a psychic has been perusing the akashic records of clients unravelling patterns and propensities built up over lifetimes.   I have had the honour of witnessing how our oaths, vows and promises ( self as law giver ) energetically sets in motion the circumstances of lives.

Though we may feel we have our issues licked it is often our subconscious programs that dictates our behaviour.  Do you sometimes notice that your behaviour doesn’t match your adult state, do you feel you are re-acting rather than acting?  When initiating an Auric Clearing the first protocol is the removal of ‘occupants’,  these are impassioned emotional states experienced as children that become compartmentalized in our  neuro pathways.  Think back to the first great injustice you experienced at the hands of your parents … you run to your room screaming “I hate you, I hate you, I wish you were dead”.  In our childlike/Godlike innocence we open the door to autonomous thought forms, in rush the voices of dissension filling our heads with angry victim thoughts.   Fast forward to your adult self when something angers you, suddenly you are in a far greater rage then the situation calls for, this minor injustice sets off a maelstrom in your head,
the door to the compartment is flung open and you are no longer in control.   You could apply this example to a plethora of emotional states, hurt, jealousy,insecurity etc. etc. the similarity is the voices raging in your head and your out of control reaction.

Are we ‘stuck’ with these reactions or do we have the power to change?   Are we able to go within and re-parent our inner child, can we raise up our subconscious compartmentalized self to the light of understanding and reclaim ourselves?   The answer is ‘Yes’ we do have this power but we must wilfully unearth these hidden parts of ourselves, expose and address these emotional wounds to recover ourselves as whole authentic adult beings.  Does it takes years of therapy?  It can, but it certainly doesn’t have to.  Conventional models of therapy engage only the conscious mind perhaps occasionally delving into subconscious indicators, I have found this type of work to be slow, expensive and often ineffective.

Lets face it, if we knew what was wrong, we would fix it.   How easy it is to see what isn’t working for the people we love around us, yet somehow we just can’t make them see it.  Our biggest blind spot is ourselves.  To vanquish the wounds we have so effectively hidden from ourselves we must engage the part of our mind that takes us deeper.  The reptilian brain or lower cerebellum, is the mind that has access to our true authentic selves, that which we are, were and will forever be.  To access this mind is to access the keys to the kingdom, through this mind we unlock our potential and gain access to our true essence.   Could it be that the simultaneity of time is real, that our past and future selves are perpetually vying for our attention?  Can information garnered from this deeper mind actually help us make decisions in the here and now?  Through my experience as both a rebirther and ‘Soul Wisdom” practitioner I can answer unequivocally ‘Yes”.

If we accept the multi-lifetime, parallel reality model then access to our multiple lifetimes become possible.  Like a CD burned at the moment of the big bang all possibilities exist in the light. All that we will ever experience in physical reality was recorded in that moment.  Yet just like a CD we can only play one song at a time.  Right now you are playing the song (lifetime) that is you yet for the energetic, spiritual being that you are there were most certainly songs before and songs after.  Those songs ( lifetimes) influence the way you are currently playing and will influence your ‘sound’ in the future.  Linear time exists that we may tune ourselves to our true frequency.

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