Perception and DNA

Understanding wave particle duality and the reality of how our individual perceptions influence our DNA.

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Not everyone is keen to read and understand quantum physics though it is being touted as the science of ‘God’.  David Bohm was the first to postulate the existence of multiple dimensions and unseen realms in his book ‘Wholeness and the Implicate Order‘1980.  Today this concept is widely accepted and being tested in the large Hadron collider.

You don’t have to read quantum physics to understand the concept of wave particle duality.  The truth is we blink in and out of physical existence 14 times a second, when we are physical we are particle, when we are a wave we are receiving information from the entire dimensional reality, both visible and invisible.  Our eyes only see interfering lines of light that our brains interpret into images, read Michael Talbot’s ‘The Holographic Universe’, to explore this notion further.  The point is we are not just a physical body, we are multidimensional beings receiving information from both our physical senses and the invisible realms of light frequency.   Why is this important, because this understanding allows us to explore deeper into the nature of existence and to take far greater responsibility for the life we have created.

Speaking of responsibility what if you could only come into a womb that was vibrating at the same frequency as you are? Ok that’s a pretty stretchy thought but think about it, your mother is already veiled in an earthly existence, you are the orb on the plane of bliss planning your next adventure on the earth plane, who has the greater awareness?  Now lets go one step further, lets postulate that not only are you and your prospective parents  matching in vibrational harmonic but that the family you are coming into has some of the same emotional issues that you have identified as looking to master.  As your wave energy descends into the fertilized egg it will be your life force that directs the nature of cell division and specialization.  Your ‘book of the soul’ directs the selection of DNA dictating every particle, every molecule of emotion, indeed this directing will create your individual nature and pre-birth propensities.  This concept may fly in the face of conventional thought, and it does limit our ability to see ourselves as victims, but to bring this understanding into our evolving awareness is increadably empowering.

Now that we have accepted our role in creating who we are, lets take a look at the effects on DNA of the way we think.   A great video on the topic is Bruce Lipton’s ‘Biology of Perception’, which explains how thought creates which DNA  is selected and or activated.  Though we have adopted a paradigm of victimization to our genetics, this new scientific understanding shows us that though all these propensities may exist in our DNA,  it is our thought that is responsible for their selection.  Thought is the ‘ cook’ that decides which ‘recipe’ will be selected, the nucleus is but a ‘recipe book” from which the desired ‘dish’ (protien chain) will be replicated by our RNA.  The message to turn genes on or off comes from us, from our perceptions, the way we think.

The relevance of this discovery is again about responsibility and empowerment, understanding that the power to change our minds is the power to heal our lives.  Eg:  The parents of the family are long suffering victims of WWII steeped in guilt and familial obligation, one child in this family is a rebel, leaves home and goes on with life as a free spirit, one child feels heavily the familial obligation succumbs to guilt, leaves her marriage to move home with her child…this daughter develops the disease MS, the rebel child not.  The genes are present for the disease yet it is the perception of limited familial emotion that turns on this inherent propensity.   Could it be that we are drawn into families where the family genetic actually matches the emotional propensities we are here to overcome, are our families emotional problems really a match to what we came here to experience to wisdom?  I have observed in session work and in life that we will not change till the pain gets too great, do we intentionally place ourselves in familial situations that we hope will force us to change?  If we are unable to make the change, to bring the emotion to wisdom, are there triggers that will cause illness to make the pain greater?  I have observed that when attitudes ‘tighten down’ and we resist our own highest good, the higher self will trigger the DNA to create ever greater adversity, forcing us to reach for the light of understanding.

Indeed truth is often stranger than fiction but with the ability to accept responsibility for our ‘whole’ lives we are empowered with the ability to wilfully change.  We must peak behind the curtain, understand our choices over the ages embrace a truly holistic view of ‘Beingness’.  It is with this in mind that I offer to you Soul Wisdom’s Auric Clearing and Karmic Sessions and Timeline Rebalancing work, these modalities work with all that you are both visible and invisible.  By delving into that which is recorded in the light together we are able to shake loose attitudes that hold you back, vanquish self sabotage and even reverse illness. Contact me if you would like to book a session or simply learn more.
In Love, Light & Laughter Cindy Lou Cetah

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