Healing Sexual Abuse.

Transforming blame into empowerment

Transforming blame into empowerment

The statistics on sexual violence show it to be an enormous issue, harshly effecting the lives of countless women and children both male and female.  As I explore the akashic records of clients I see ample evidence of childhood psychic wounds, all of us require re-parenting in some way but to me the damage done by sexual violence is the most insidious.

It is time for a new approach to this debilitating psychic wounding, I have seen many women go through years of conventional therapy, it serves to make them functional yet not healed.    They may get their lives back on track yet they are unable to function in primary relationships, always the self sabotage of choosing the ‘bad’ guy as if changing ‘them’ will somehow change the past.

Often these horrific childhood memories are compartmentalized, hidden from our everyday consciousness, only to emerge when provoked by emotional trauma much later in life.  I have witnessed more than one very successful women be completely debilitated when childhood trauma floods back into full memory.  Often provoked by an unhappy primary relationship or bad break up, once the memories of sexual abuse return they devastate the psyche.   Shattered by memories they can’t understand, haunted by deep feelings of guilt and sexual ambivalence, these men and women’s lives slowly depreciate.

The most challenging aspectof how to regain our power of and over these memories is how to take ownership, becoming a victim and assigning blame simply makes the whole experience totally dis-empowering.  We are programmed to assign blame and to see children as innocents yet the question remains why did we agree to be a part of the experience?  I have observed that all experience that manifests in our lives is a matter of choice.  This sounds like re-victimizing the victim, persecuting the innocent, they were children how could you accuse them of making such a choice.  Hear me out, for if we are able to process past blame we find the opportunity to be empowered.

To find this empowerment it is necessary to subscribe to the understanding that we are spirits experiencing physicality,  that we have lived in many lifetimes that are connected and inform each other.  That we are here on the plane of demonstration to own all emotional experience to wisdom, indeed, to reach the neutral state of non-judgment free of the swing of polarity.  What an extraordinary challenge then to create through sexual abuse for both the perpetrator and the ‘victim’.  In my journey of perusing the akashic records I have witnessed how we have been both the rapist and the raped.  The apparent rise in sexual violence has a direct correlation to the events during and after WWII, think about how many women were raped and abused during the war.  Could it be that in our attempts to vanquish the polaric swing of judgment, to bring the karma of these events to a close, to wisdom, that we have chosen to reenact the trauma?   Could re-membering our agreements on the plane of bliss shed a new light on the experience, explain the reason for its creation?


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