Private Angel Readings 

Learn what the Angels want to tell you, receive direction from a source that offers an understanding of who you are and all you can become.  The angelic realm encompasses a faster time, these beings of light intelligence have a far broader view of existence.  Gain powerful insight into current situations by accessing their unique perspective.  The angels are humanities cheer leaders their messages clarify, up lift and touch the heart of all who ask.  More


 Timeline Rebalancing 

The power of your observer spirit is waiting within to dramatically change your life.  Timeline rebalancing gives you direct access to the source of destructive patterns in your life.  Change your mind…change your life, reprogramming your subconscious is the key to lasting change. Are you ready to vanquish your self-sabotage and victimization, then this one on one modality is for you. More

 Auric Clearing 

The journey of exposing the self to the Self, this one time process of clearing the auric feild unloads the ‘bus’ of your emotional propensities.    Our journey on the ‘plane of demonstration’ though forgotten each time we enter  the veil (are reborn) is recorded in our light body.  Like our bodies in this lifetime our auric fields get littered with scars and trinkets that follow us from one lifetime to the next.  You will experience an expansive freedom once this debris field is cleared and you will be able to have karmic session work.  More

 Karmic Sessions 

Conquer the past-Master the present, learn the reasons behind you compulsions, there truly are no accidents.  Everything you have ever been or done is recorded in the light and influences your now.  When you shine the light of understanding on these events you gain access to the power of  lasting and meaningful change.  If mastering yourself is on your list or if you would simply like to gain control of your life then Karmic work is for you. More



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