Aliens and Humanity

Alien influence

Expanding our circle

The circle of life, like our transit around the galaxy is far vaster then the mind set of our current paradigm, to be included in this cosmic reality we must awaken to its expansive truths.

In the name of Mother Father/ God Goddess All that Is!   In the name of Christ White Light.

Archangel Gabriel

Please speak to me of alien presence and their relationship to humanity at this time.

Beloved daughter of the light, Goddess to the unknown God, greetings.  Of the ‘alien’ presence know beloved that all are co-related in this galactic system and indeed are there roots aplenty relating you to other star systems.  Long ago your earth was a great visiting place for many from among the stars, as are you children of star dust.  All exists in a circular continuum without end.

Long have you of earth been seeding the stars, for you as beings hold a magical power to create.  Long is the creation story of your beloved earth plane, though far flung, she be central to the evolution of creation.  For on the earth we see a rare and lovely  synergy between the very evolved and the very raw.  This rawness has manifest for eons as a waring behavior, competition set up so very long ago has goaded the heart to envy, greed and dispassion.  The ‘alien’ races know the truth of your potential.  In this time of quickening, as time lines close in upon themselves, this emerald jewel be rife with potential.  All are waiting with baited breath to see how humanity is swayed by the new frequencies now reaching earth.

Will they make their presence known?  There is indeed a time close at hand when once again your space brethren will be welcome upon the earth.  You are a young race, gifted with the DNA and memories of much older voyagers.  When it is time for the current regime to stand down, a time fast upon you, then will you once again join the cosmic order with minds that open up to far greater knowings.  The soul is in full memory of the cycles of your planet yet it may only stir when the exact right frequency is met.  Many times in your revolution around the galactic center have these memories been won and lost.  It is only when you become fully awakened and released from polarized swing that other races of beings may reveal themselves.

There are beings on your planet who have purposefully incarnated upon your earth at this time.  Many are channeling, listening and indeed seeing and communicating with off worlders, for as your current paradigm unwinds there must come a new dawning of self responsibility from earths inhabitants.  The balance of ‘beingness’ upon your plane is tenuous and influence from beyond would not be of service to humanities evolution at this time.  All clues allowable are given and you are cheered forth on all sides.  Each race of ‘aliens’ has in their time achieved the awakened state in which they now reside.

As earths populations to a larger cosmic truth the doors to contact will be opened.  Tis but a matter of time, nay frequency beloved.  In this alinement learn from nature, for she is herself awakening to a grander cycle.  In all things be noble, thought, word, deed, aline yourself with cosmic truth, for this has and shall forever always be a guiding compass.

Know beloved that you do not travel the void alone.  Know too that as varied as is life on earth so too is the cosmic unfoldment varied and pregnant with potential.

All is well beloved.  Unfoldment Is.

We Love thee and honor thee



Harmonizing the male and female

In the Name of Mother Father God Goddess all that IS In the Name of Christ White Light

Archangel Gabriel

Please speak to me of harmonizing the male and female and expressing Goddess power through Love.

Beloveds of the light, little sisters of service to the unknown god, delighted are we to be of service to you at this time. A time of times a time of great reckoning and transformation on this your beloved Earth plane. Of the question of harmony, it is critical at this time to maintain inner balance to dance in the light but too, to dance in the darkness. Know you that they are both the face of the unknown god – one being of the out picturing of the dream, the other the dreamer itself. Could there be a dream without a dreamer. You my beloved Goddesses of Light are the dreamers of reality. Indeed, it is the feminine principle within all beings that dreams the dreams and births it into light. It is the masculine principle that brings the winds of power to the dream, the movement into being, the action that animates creation. The power of the dream the power to animate the dream are they not indeed inseparable?

To fight over whose power is more potent is to render creation impotent. Much impotence is there in your world at this time for there is a false sense of separation between the dreamer and the dream. Ah Beloved Goddess, dance in the darkness and see the spark of light which begins it all. The current explosion of aggression among men is a reaction to their inability to share the dreams power. They wish for you to dance in the light of their dream yet they acknowledge not the need to go within and dance the dream in darkness. For balance, for love, for the power to feel your own power at this time is to be the one who dances in the darkness. To dance with wild abandon and to bring forth darks creation to the light and share it willingly with those who only see the ‘light’ side of action.

Know you the power of going within, yes, practice it more fervently now than ever in your lifetime. Take all that comes at you home to the unknown god, seek council in the quietude of your spirit. Feel the soul’s recording of imbalance and correct it, by living this inner truth. You be more a creature of deep contemplative nurturing than a creature of willful action. go within and follow the call to action that springs from the well of loving contemplation. Acknowledge the mirrors of action around you yet change the image to suit your will. The past is but a wheel in motion – stop it and you stop time. Step into your personal well of timelessness journey within, journal your thoughts – ask first, “What is my truth?”…

To stop the action reaction you must still the anger and resentment that lives as a breathing dragon in the realms of collective emotionality. Tame the dragon, claim your ability to transform the energies of ill content. Place your focus on the power of transformation. All will be transformed in this time of times. Choose yours wisely. Know that which you are. Walk in truth. Open your heart to the Light of Love and fear will scurry into banishment. You are the Way, the Truth and the Light. Hold out your torch in the darkness for it is the light that requires your guidance at this time. Stop the Wheel.

We are your loving guardians. Your champions of old. In inner Bliss, Gabriel

© 2012 Copyright My Angelic Insights
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