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‘Welcome to Soul Wisdom the journey of awakening the self to the Self, the ultimate opportunity to realize our unfinished business and live a life of empowered change using the light of understanding.’ Your first step on this path of  healing and self-awareness is to undertake an Auric Clearing  to energetically unload the emotional bus of your propensities.  With your Auric clearing report you can begin the process of bringing to conscious awareness the things you keep hidden from yourself.

I was trained as a psyche doctor with Carol Hathor in 1999, 2000 & 2001; I have completed Levels 1, 2 & 3 and  am naturally  adept at the work.  I am both clairvoyant and claire-audient so along with running and reading the energy in my hands I am able to both see and hear the entities that are called forth through intention.  Because this work is done in the light realm it is not necessary for the client to be present with me physically.  I have done many more sessions for people I have met only by phone or skype, then people I’ve met in person.  Communicating holographic-ally with the light body is a very effective and powerful tool for change and growth.

This work is accomplished using a combination of protocols, working from the Lord God of my being to the Lord God of your being, I call forth your light body to my frontal lobe ( there is no division in the light) and through intention and energy commands I absolve energetic configurations as directed by our collective higher knowingness.  An Auric clearing is necessary before initiating Karmic sessions because it is imperative that all etheric obstacles be removed to effectively access your akashic records.

The protocols that I have developed for auric clearings based on Soul Wisdoms courses are energetically intensive. An Auric clearing done through clairvoyant and clair-audient channels takes three to five hours, the length of the session is dictated by the amount of clearing required by each individual. I scan and send you the results and we will set a time for a half hour consultation on the phone to review your report.  It is very important that you bring your understanding to the work, awareness brings about change.   I can clear your subconscious but, without you bringing your observation and intention to change, you will simply experience a year or two of relief while slowly refilling your life with the same emotional issues.


SoulWisdom Energy Transformation penetrates the deeper mind for more permanent and complete releases of unconsciously-held emotional terrors, guilt and unworthiness — the source-attitudes of virtually every emotional discomfort and physical disease.

The Auric Clearing removes layers of limiting beliefs and their corresponding etheric attachments that block free-flow of Life Force from the seven subtle bodies and chakra system.  Most people report almost immediate improvement in well being.  Most people feel a pleasant “high” as life force increases from blockage removals. It’s as if these blockages prevent beneficial life-events from happening, and when they are removed, peoples’ lives begin to move out of stagnated places.  Within a year, significant changes will have very likely happened. Many people have a new job, move to a new location, have a new relationship or find current relationships improved. The Life Path naturally undergoes beneficial changes when these blockages are removed holographic-ally from the seven subtle bodies. http//

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Once you have had an Auric Clearing (a one time event) you can access Karmic Sessions focusing on specific questions about issues that adversely effect your life or that require greater clarity.


“Cindy is a phenomenal distance healer. She took my class in 2000, and has expanded SoulWisdom’s methodology to her own brilliance, uniqueness, and remarkable genius. I’ve recently had a few sessions done by her, and it’s the smartest decision I ever made. She’s no ‘healie-feelie’! Her Work is all-clean, all the way to quantum-code of the Subconscious Mind, where true Shifts actually occur — ‘made real’ in manifested reality — as the sessions integrate.  A Seer and a Coach, she’ll give you some spiritual homework to do as well. Every session is different, according to Your HolySpirit. I am very proud of her adeptness and it is an honor to me, to even train her or to even know her at all.  She deserves to be called a ‘True Spiritual Celebrity’  Don’t miss out on her sessions!” — Carol Hathor, founder of SoulWisdom Energy Healing

Dear Cetah

Things that are taking place now, definitely seem to
be a reflection of a much clearer, positive being!
I also have had a soul retrieval recently and I
honestly believe that you cleared the way for even
more joy to come through with this process.

I can’t thank you enough. It’s obvious even to others,
how my life really is steppin up into that realm of
greater joy and laughter. So thank you for being such
a Divine instrument.

Much Love,



It’s Saturday [2/9] and I just got your lovely report in the mail.  The detail, depth and scope of your work is simply excellent.  It certainly is a standard that I will aspire to. It was an enormous assistance to me that you shared your Auric Clearing Report with me.  It will certainly be a new template for me to look to in the development of my own sessions. I look forward to my karmic session on Sunday.  Much Love Pat


Good Morning Cindy;
I got your mailed notes!  Hurrah!  Thanks again for sending them.
It is good to read through them.  I’ll do some more homework today with it. Thanks also for sending the notes re: herpes virus. Here’s an interesting thing to share with you…I have been clear of a breakout since a few days from our session, which is highly unusual. Usually any small fluctuation of hormones, stress, exposure to sunlight, etc, would trigger a breakout.  Though the controversial treatment protocol that I’ve been on since August is designed to eliminate virus and other pathogens, I was still breaking out and was told that the virus would take at least 6 months of treatment to clear, if at all.  The Auric Clearing seems to have had a noticably positive effect on this issue.
In thinking about how the virus relates to guilt…when reading through the attached soul family member notes…I noticed that most of their attachments were due to guilt. Perhaps it was mostly their guilt and not mine, that was keeping the virus active.  If this recent relief of breakouts is lasting…then I can’t tell you how relieved I am!  This virus has been such a burden of shame and distancing for me.
Thanks for your great care and attention to detail, Cindy.  I’m excited about tonight’s session.


For an in depth understanding of the terms I use and to more fully understand the work we will be undertaking here are some resources.  Optional reading: ‘The Holographic Universe’ by Michael Talbot; ‘Molecules of Emotion’ by Candice Pert; ‘Testimony Of Light’ by Helen Greaves; ‘The Brain That Changes Itself’ by Norman Doidge, MD.
I also highly recommend these films by
Dr. Bruce Lipton, ‘The Biology of Belief. And ‘What the Bleep do we Know’ inspired by Ramtha’s teaching.  These books and many more have informed my mind and my process … Enjoy!


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