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The back story on the Listening about balancing male/female energies.

This listening was inspired by a break up experience I had in 2008 and the visitation of a dear friend. Helen was visiting from Kelowna, BC and the story she told was eerily similar to my own.  We had both recently been in relationship and we had both left for similar reasons.

Heart healing journey.

Both Helen and I had met men who venerated our Goddess and revelled in our spirituality but as the relationship deepened we found ourselves being driven to the point of exhaustion.  The demands of our men were ever escalating, seems with us as the wind beneath their wings their desire to accomplish was ever expanding. The longer we were with them the grander their plans and Helen and I were being run ragged in the role of assistant to our boyfriends creation.

With little time to do our own work and our dreams pushed aside we both felt we had no choice but to exit.  Together we were trying to understand what had happened.  How had we gotten so lost, we didn’t feel honoured for the work that we do nor did we feel respected as individuals.  We realized we’d been put on pedestals and the ” I do it all for you honey”  was a demanding responsibility.  Why were these men so mindful and mindless about us at the same time?

Perplexed we decided to ask the angels and were thrilled with the depth of understanding it brought to us.  In contemplating the whole ‘fall of women’ and the rise of the patriarchal paradigm it occurred to me that by subjugating women, men had lost touch with their own intuitive inner compass.  Having lost their relationship with the inner female it falls to us, their girlfriends, to do the dreaming for them.  Unable to dream both their dream and our own Helen and I realized we had not been unwilling to forfeit our own realities to support theirs.

We both remain open to being in relationship with the intention that we meet men capable of dreaming their own realities into being.  My job is to see men as able, to nurture spiritual connection and to continue to honour my own inner male by bringing my own dreams to life.  I inspire men to look inward and learn from them how to express outward.  Is balance possible?  I believe it is if both beings are prepared to nurture their own dreams.  So dance in the darkness of your inner most feelings knowing the divine spark within you will bring your dreams to light.


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