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Welcome to the Angelic Insights community, a place for people who want to understand the deeper meaning of life’s events and glean perspective on the nature of change that is affecting our human family.  The angels speak to the heart of change, bringing their unique and wondrous outlook to the energetic impact behind such things as earthquakes, wars, economic trends and human values.  True to both our history/herstory, the angels have a knack for connecting the dots, making sense of and offering practical insight on how best to navigate our lives toward fulfillment.

As a spiritual healer I have spent the last 25 years discovering the truth of the ‘hidden’ self, honing my skills and knowledge that I may be of service to our collective well being.   Click on any picture on this page to read about the healing modalities offered on this site.  As we heal the wounds of our personal perception we contribute to the wellness mind of All.


Through personal readings I have had the opportunity to serve many, yet in the quickening of change the Angels are compelling me to share their insights with the world.  I have released several listenings for public viewing and encourage you to experience the deep connection to the divine that their words inspire. Enjoy.


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Stay the Course

Though I first started angel listening in 1986 I was given the opportunity to attend the course in 1996 with some very powerful and connected women.  The result of that course was an ever deepening bond with the angelic realm, clearer listenings and four fabulous Goddesses who came into my life as mentors and co-creators in service.  With that said I share with you my first listening from that course because you can commune with angels too…we all have them!

Teaching Truth
Empowering Change

In the name of Mother/Father, God/Goddess All that IS!  In the name of Christ White Light.

Archangel Gabriel

Please tell me more about you. How may I work more closely with you? Please insights on purification. Please insights for the group.

I am the angel sent to humanity for clarity, I come to bring the mind peace, I speak to all who call upon me, I clarify your truth.  I wonder through the open spaces in your thoughts sprinkling your mind with golden light.  My peace surpatheth understanding.  I fill your being with serenity and calm, I am the light of the heart that calls out to the love of your brother.  I am tenderness that makes you weep, I kindle and feed your desire to know.

Walk in the peace of your own divinity, take time each day to be with me.  Continue to open the door to our realm.   Dance, laugh, sing be joyous.  Speak your truth, I will assist your words.  Live your love for in so doing my love spills into you.  Be at peace in your heart as you are at peace with others.  Speak kindly to all that you are, embrace the learning, take time,  worry not Allow allow allow seek harmony your souls food, invoke spirit, be joyous.

Help others Continue continue continue for you speak often from the light and we value you greatly.  Share kindness and encouragement with self as well as others.  Know the peace that has become so soundly your foundation.  Fan the flame, be the peacemaker, know justice. Trust God, Be!

You worry so about your approach, it is enough now and always that you are so willing to give to the will of God.  Be the branch bending in the wind, follow your will gently for the branch is not a stick.  Your desire for food will err continue to change as do you.  See you not the gifts of manna presented at your doorstep, trust your knowingness, listen to the inner guidance.  Revitalize your resolve, be prepared, follow through, be kind.  Continue to listen to the messages, feel the rightness in your every decision to honour your temple.  Pray more, feel more, give more, allow plenty for you have much to give.  Let it flow, open your heart, release the last vestiges of malice and more than has yet will turn to change.

Oh blessed merriment such a gathering our hearts sing with joy to feel you together daughters of the light.  Know your wondrous beauty, see in each other the gift and the promise of God made manifest.  Honour each others light, trust each other for guidance.  Dance and sing together and make light for darkness dare not gather in your presence.

In peace, light and dignity


back story

The back story on the Listening about balancing male/female energies.

This listening was inspired by a break up experience I had in 2008 and the visitation of a dear friend. Helen was visiting from Kelowna, BC and the story she told was eerily similar to my own.  We had both recently been in relationship and we had both left for similar reasons.

Heart healing journey.

Both Helen and I had met men who venerated our Goddess and revelled in our spirituality but as the relationship deepened we found ourselves being driven to the point of exhaustion.  The demands of our men were ever escalating, seems with us as the wind beneath their wings their desire to accomplish was ever expanding. The longer we were with them the grander their plans and Helen and I were being run ragged in the role of assistant to our boyfriends creation.

With little time to do our own work and our dreams pushed aside we both felt we had no choice but to exit.  Together we were trying to understand what had happened.  How had we gotten so lost, we didn’t feel honoured for the work that we do nor did we feel respected as individuals.  We realized we’d been put on pedestals and the ” I do it all for you honey”  was a demanding responsibility.  Why were these men so mindful and mindless about us at the same time?

Perplexed we decided to ask the angels and were thrilled with the depth of understanding it brought to us.  In contemplating the whole ‘fall of women’ and the rise of the patriarchal paradigm it occurred to me that by subjugating women, men had lost touch with their own intuitive inner compass.  Having lost their relationship with the inner female it falls to us, their girlfriends, to do the dreaming for them.  Unable to dream both their dream and our own Helen and I realized we had not been unwilling to forfeit our own realities to support theirs.

We both remain open to being in relationship with the intention that we meet men capable of dreaming their own realities into being.  My job is to see men as able, to nurture spiritual connection and to continue to honour my own inner male by bringing my own dreams to life.  I inspire men to look inward and learn from them how to express outward.  Is balance possible?  I believe it is if both beings are prepared to nurture their own dreams.  So dance in the darkness of your inner most feelings knowing the divine spark within you will bring your dreams to light.


Guardian Angels

So what is a ‘Guardian Angel’…who are these unseen beings who watch our back?

(definition in Wikipedia)

To be the observer/observed

We are always watched over by Love!

A guardian angel is an angle assigned to protect and guide a particular person or group. Belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity. The concept of tutelary angels and their hierarchy was extensively developed in Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionesious the Areopagite.

The theology of angels and tutelary spirits has undergone many refinements since the 400s. Belief in both the East and the West is that guardian angels serve to protect whichever person God assigns them to, and present prayer to God on that person’s behalf.


(Cetah’s Understanding)

Angels are beings that inhabit the Light realm, formed of visible light quanta they have never inhabited molecular form. They have fallen low enough in frequency to have been polarized into opposites Male / Female, just as we have opposite halves from our fall into form.   Angels do not experience the swing of emotion and do not share our carnal nature, though they have fallen through the veil they are not as immersed in density and retain a far greater understanding of the true nature of existence.

Guardian Angels as I have experienced them seem to oversee a vast group of human beings, I am not clear as to the nature of the relationships among these humans but I am sure there is a reason behind each guardians group. They are like our own personal cheer leaders, lending us support and focusing their energies upon us when we are ill or troubled. They know our aspirations for change and the agreements we made on ‘the plane of Bliss’ and they seek to quietly guide us in the direction we choose before entering the body.

( Christian definition)

That every individual soul has a guardian angel has never been defined by the Church, and is, consequently, not an article of faith; but it is the “mind of the Church”, as St. Jerome expressed it: “how great the dignity of the soul, since each one has from his birth an angel commissioned to guard it.” (Comm. in Matt., xviii, lib. II).

This belief in guardian angels can be traced throughout all antiquity; pagans, like Menander and Plutarch , and Neo-Platonists, like Plotinus, held it. It was also the belief of the Babylonians and Assyrians, as their monuments testify, for a figure of a guardian angel now in the British Museum once decorated an Assyrian palace, and might well serve for a modern representation; while Nabopolassar, father of Nebuchadnezzar the Great, says: “He (Marduk) sent a tutelary deity (cherub) of grace to go at my side; in everything that I did, he made my work to succeed.”

In the Bible this doctrine is clearly discernible and its development is well marked. In Genesis 28/29, angels not only act as the executors of God’s wrath against the cities of the planes, but they deliver Lot from danger; in Exodus 12/13, an angel is the appointed leader of the host of Israel, and in32:34, God says to Moses: “my angel shall go before thee.” At a much later period we have the story of Tobias, which might serve for a commentary on the words of Psalm 90:11: “For he hath given his angels charge over thee; to keep thee in all thy ways.”  Lastly, in Daniel 10 angels are entrusted with the care of particular districts; one is called “prince of the kingdom of the Persians”, and Michael is termed “one of the chief princes”; cf. Deuteronomy 32:8.

This sums up the Old Testament doctrine on the point; it is clear that the Old Testament conceived of God’s angels as His ministers who carried out his behests, and who were at times given special commissions, regarding men and mundane affairs. There is no special teaching; the doctrine is rather taken for granted than expressly laid down.

But in the New Testament the doctrine is stated with greater precision. Angels are everywhere the intermediaries between God and man; and Christ set a seal upon the Old Testament teaching: “See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father who is in heaven.”. A twofold aspect of the doctrine is here put before us: even little children have guardian angels, and these same angels lose not the vision of God by the fact that they have a mission to fulfil on earth.

Without dwelling on the various passages in the New Testament where the doctrine of guardian angels is suggested, it may suffice to mention the angel who succoured Christ in the garden, and the angel who delivered St. Peter from prison. puts the doctrine in its clearest light: “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent to minister for them, who shall receive the inheritance of salvation?” This is the function of the guardian angels; they are to lead us, if we wish it, to the Kingdom of Heaven.

( Cetah’s Understanding of Heaven )

If we think of existence as inhabiting a light spectrum ‘Heaven’ lie’s in the frequency of visible light,  the speed of thought, the invisible/ visible world of quantum light intelligence.  In the physical body we inhabit the Hertzian vibration, light energy polarized into visible form. Between the two lies the Infra Red spectrum, this is the frequency we inhabit when we dream, are psychic or experience Deja Vu ( I’ve been here before).  These bands describes time flow, each being a progressively faster time.

When we die ( exit the diving suit ) we transit to Infra Red, here we can watch over our loved ones, attend our funeral and generally stay in touch with our recently departed life. The amount of time spent in transit varies greatly with each individual soul, their journey and their attachment to people in the Hertzian time flow.  We are all inevitably drawn into the tunnel of light which takes us to ‘Heaven’, the Visible Light realm.

Time tiles in the tunnel of light.

In the Visible Light realm we are restored to spirit and a far vaster understanding of existence, here we under go a light review of our time on earth and evaluate our accomplishments as to what we brought to wisdom in the time we were ‘alive’.  This review serves to inform our planning on the Plane of Bliss where we can access our Akashic records and commiserate with other souls on how to achieve greater evolution in our next incarnation.   Thank you for your interest, please comment and add your thoughts.


Perposeful Phalanx

In the name of Mother/Father, God/Goddess All that IS!  In the name of Christ White Light.

Purposeful Phalanx

Please insights on Cetah’s purpose in the days to come.   written Nov25,1996

It is with great pleasure that we address you today. Such as it is, we are your most intimate angelic team, and we work in contact with beings of all natures.  In the choosing of purposeful living, you have explored any number of teachings and teachers, and have been shown many esoteric secrets and rituals in the company of many other beings.  We watch you and your friend and c0-worker Diane discuss and discover and we are pleased to see how well your knowledge interfaces, how much you have both learned, how much of the learning’s are aliened with the most divine plan and action we could make for you.  There is little  that we can say to enhance your spirit or indeed your life at this time.  In knowing your purpose for the future, it will be all you need to further make your life the mission (as it were) that it has meant to be.

You have served as runner to so many, there has been such a significant array of influences, you have touched many lives already.  If you did nothing else you would have fulfilled the destiny that heaven has created for you.  It is the power in your own self that leads you to the furthering of purpose, the expanding of commitment, the purposeful and powerful accessing of new and better information.  It is well that you ask, for in knowing and being is your strongest lesson- to Self and all others.  You are to do three particular things in the short term, and in the long  – ah…well of course many more.  We will illuminate some of them.

The concept of classes is good. Do ask teachers you know for their advice and guidance.   Run a class for three key and trusted friends, if possible, including one who has little prior spiritual teacher influence, one who has lots of different ones and one that has a teacher that has been their primary source of information.  The three perspectives will be excellent in helping you format the class in its final form. The teaching is going to happen, it is that you have chosen now (not in a prior incarnation) to be more formally speaking and sharing.  It will be excellent for the maturing process of which you speak, and it will be a venue of great influence and of joy to your heart.  It will behoove you to remain in balance in the classes, to offer the right amount of channelled information and the right amount of Cetah.  Both will be most effective.  You are going to teach now and forever in this life, in the times to come, as you call them, your words will comfort more than have yet been comforted,and this number is already large!

The second short term goal is in the area of writing.  We would suggest a series of articles or columns that address the (for example) the list which you read to Diane, the concepts related to the dark side (of great interest) to readership, though the publications might at first balk.  The short pieces are best what can you say in 200 words or less.  Make it practical, funny, show its human face, stretch their minds and choices. The writing will do two things – it will motivate a change in work, and begin the process, and also set the groundwork for more detailed and expansive books you are to write. (so this is one of your long term tasks or purposes) The articles will also trigger a number of new connections and ideas, certainly of great help in the transformation that is to take place over the next two years. You will find that in writing as well the residual blocks to actually living what you wish to live will take place. There is great and significant transformation in taking words from the ether’s, from the verbal to writing.

The last thing that you are to do is to create for yourself an indoor garden of herbs. Practice the seeding or training of parsley’s, of basil, try garlic and sprouting as well. It does not have to be all at once or right away, this is however the kinds of vital foods you need to be able to eat fresh all winter… in times to come.

For the long term, one of the paths you could take is in the realm of facilitator of spirit. We would advice a business card to play with for awhile- to be ready for the time that you offer classes. What are you? What do you want to be? There is so much you could do – counsellor, teacher, student (like officially- art, psychology,etc.) We do not want to say your purpose in any kind of specific way but we do wish to leave such a choice as this to you. For formally or informally you are a gift to humanity and you shall give them what they need. The purpose related to bringing information to people about the ‘Times to Come’,the beings who are helping, space and otherwise, this is bigger too in the next five years, than it is now. It is important even now but must be couched in terms of clarity, practicality and excellence. Long ago you chose to stop sharing with those for whom the information was beyond their limits of understanding. We think this is good and you have become very discerning as to the individuals that might be of use and service.

We would advise that there will be a number of people who come your way in the next two to three years who are not well prepared by teachers at all who are sent to you for initiation. Develop a short outline for yourself to present the basic information in a less formal than classroom way. We would suggest there be three pieces that be left out for most of these neophytes. The first is the ‘conspiracy theory’, though we do not dispute it, there is a tendency for some of the individuals involved to jump to conclusions about the validity of such claims and miss the rest of the learning. The second is to avoid the expression of the concepts of time and space travel- not of past lives or even space beings in and of themselves, but of the ability of humans to at will develop these. For the concepts of Ramtha- oriented talk of Masters and Gods, it is good to be gentle. These will come with time. This does not mean that there are no people who are new to talk to about these things, but be aware that it is well to start gently, with these beginners, to be propelled quickly. We will let you know who these special ‘trainees’ are so you know where to take the work. We have assigned you the job of educating the beginners – a number of them. We and the forces of change and good. It is one of your talents, and we are blessed to have you.

This team is to be your ally in all of this. Call on us allot! Meditate on being-ship. Open to our ministrations and let your ministrations ring with our love.

Walk in Peace
Your Purposeful Phalanx

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