Greetings…Welcome to  ‘My Angelic Insights’ where the Angels dictate the information they wish to share with you.  This site introduces the healing modalities offered by me, Cetah Johnson, it is my intention that the site be rich with information and insight.  Enjoy.


The listenings are offered by the Angels who desire to help us understand humanity’s place in these amazing, changing times. I am Cetah and I have been listenings to and communing with  angels since 1986.

I am an Angel Listener, a ‘Soul Wisdom’ practitioner, a Timeline Rebalancer and I am dedicated to the service of spirit.  The journey of spiritual awakening has taken me to many great healers and teachers, it has reawakened my clairvoyance (lost as a child) and given me a mission to heal and serve others.  On this site I serve the Angels transcribing their encouraging words which they share for our insight and our betterment. I offer you and your evolving soul the opportunity to take the healing journey with me.  Please explore the modalities I offer to see if the work available on this site resonates with you.

Many Blessings Cindy Lou Cetah

The Back Story, how I met the Angels

In Vancouver in 1985 Diane introduced me to the world of  holistic healers, weekend workshops, and internal journeys.  Through her I found my home in spiritual community.  It was she who sponsored a weekend workshop that brought in an ‘Angel Listener’ from New York in the spring of 1986.

Diane was excited by this new form of communication, she insisted on doing a listening for me.   Skeptical but open, I watched as her writing flew onto the page, then listened and was intrigued when the ‘angels’ used the word harbinger— a word neither of us really knew the meaning of and had to look up.  The next evening I asked Di if she would do a listening about my sister. Di thought we should ask Archangel Michael and I wanted to consult Archangel Gabriel. We decided to meditate on it,  after a minute I heard the name of a totally different angel in my head. not one seconds later Diane announced, “We have a new angel. His name is Ishmailu.“ That was the name I’d heard in my head. Whoa! We were both a little stunned. In the Listening Ishmailu explained that every family has a family angel and he was ours. Angels and Angel Listening became a part of my life. Their existence established beyond doubt, I welcomed their insights.

My journey with the angels has had many twists and turns. I will share more stories in the blog. The angels always speak in the most uplifting manner, but if you ask a question in anger, resentment or revenge you will be awed at their magical ability to place the responsibility right back at you. It is both humbling and informative. Angels are disarmingly direct; they have the broad vision and insight to cut directly to the energetic core of the issue. They frequently surprise me with their answers, but when I follow their advice I always see the ‘rightness’ in the course of action they suggest.

Much like our relationship with our own inner spirit, with angels the more you listen the more they want to share.   The Angels are all aflutter over the notion of reaching out to more people, and so  My Angelic Insights has finally arrived. The Angels have always had the most interesting take on world events and they have give profound direction in relation to these changing times.   It is my intention that the insights given by the Angels on this site open the door to greater understanding, joy and peace.

Many Blessings!

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