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circles -6-womanBalm for the Spirit, food for the Soul. if  it is your desire is to go deeper, you’ve found the right place.  Welcome to My Angelic Insights where the Angels are all atwitter with  their desire to share their luminous messages.  This site is my opportunity to be of service and to showcase the intuitive healing work I offer to those who are drawn to contact  me.  There is much knowledge and wisdom on this site, I invite you to follow your heart and see which pages tug at its strings.

I have been an angel listener since 1986, became a rebirthing practitioner in 1991, and received the designation of Psyche Dr. in the Soul Wisdom modality in 2001.  If you are ready to accelerate your spiritual journey, I invite you to travel intuitively around the site and discover the many things offered.  This may be your chance to shift negative subconscious patterns that sabotage your life, clear your light body, and remove destructive karmic propensities from your akashic records.  If you are ready to get in touch with your true authentic self, send an email, let the light of spiritual awareness become the wind beneath your wings…

I encourage you to become a member of the site and explore the opportunity to receive a personal Angel Reading. If your heart is too confused to answer… ask the angels.  My desire is to be of service to the light in you as we awaken to a greater understanding of who we truly are.

In Love, Light & Laughter Cetah        ‘Angel Listener’ , ‘Intuitive Healer’ , ‘Spiritual Cheerleader’  lets evolve together.


My Angelic Insights, a site that offers deeper understanding of the ever-changing events, energies and crises on planet Earth.  The angels resonate to a faster frequency which allows their realm a broader view of time.  The angels exist in a realm of light intelligence that spans the wisdom of the ages.   Their outlook on events is energetically intuitive and disarmingly practical; they are by their very nature inspiring.  Let us forge a strong bond with these unseen beings. I am very intentional with my questions and steadfast in my protocol, producing clear authentic writing.  The angels have a voice all their own, even when events are dire their words of encouragement and wisdom offer upliftment and insight.  The Angel’s answers frequently surprise and always infuse a new and deeper meaning into world events.

Our web site is formatted as a membership group. To access the weekly Listenings, our archives and to participate in our forum, we encourage you to sign up to our on-line community.

Please enjoy the non-member listenings currently available, I trust they will offer you valuable insight.  To Life!


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